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Hey, all those who concern about sustainability! My name is Anna Zemblicka and working in Energy Deal ers Te am I expect to raise awareness of the society to use renewable e nergy. I be lieve an impor ta n t precondition for the successful implementation of energy policies is public acceptability. Lacking public support  ener g y pol ici es c an hardly be implemented by politicians. Do you agree with me? People, take care of the environment and deve l op country’s independence from external suppy of energy? Is it impossible? No, it’s possible and it’s our future!


Hello, everyone! My name is Madars Bišs. I am a member of VIAenergetiki team, too.  I think that it is a great challenge to make an advocacy blog about such a really important topic for all of us in our future – renewable energy. Scientists abroad are working hard nowadays to get as many alternatives as possible to make a ways how to produce safe and renewable energy for our childrens. As a student I can not  make an action, which really could affect decision process of big energy companies , but I think that advocacy blog is a excellent starting point to do it!


My name is Ieva Riņķe. I am University of Apllied Science student. I can just agree with that renewable energy is our (all world) future. “The future belongs to renewable energy,” said Brad Colllins, the executive director of the American Solar Energy Society.  Nowadays renewable energy es expensive than conventionally produced supplies, but it helps to improve and use alternative energy, that helps to reduce pollution. According to this I think that it is useful to determine renewable energy impact to our lives.


My name is Vera Quintas, I’m 19 and I come from Oporto, Portugal. I study Journalism in Universidade do Porto and I want to be a freelancer and a photographer. My main hobbies are music, books, cinema, photography and walking both in the city and in the nature. I’ve always tried to have a “green lifestyle” by doing small actions: recycling, reusing, walking or using public transportation, etc, but I believe that people have to take part in civic actions. To me, the use of renewables must be increased for the sake of all of us who live in this still blue and green planet. Scientists say that we now need a planet and a half to “feed” our needs, so let’s move people 😀

Welcome to all! My name is Lilita Langovska,  studing Vidzeme University Collage Of Apllead Sciences I’m the second year student of Political Science Program. I’am a member of Energy Dealers team.


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