Renewable energy becomes closer and understandable for Latvia

Project Energymap.lv is launched on October 1st, 2010 with an aim to provide a possibility for interested parties to keep track of all renewable energy producing plants and fluctuations of renewable energy consumptions in Latvia.

The Project is implemented by Latvian Institute of Sustainable Development (LISD) with support provided by Latvian Biomethane Association, the Ministry of Economy, and Ecogen, Ltd. The Project is financed by Ecogen, Ltd (54%), LISD (3%), Latvian Biomethane Association (3%), and Soros Foundation – Latvia (40%).

The main aim of the Project is to create a platform for transparent renewable energy by providing a transparent and visible system in the field of renewable energy and make it available for everyone interested. The project is useful for residents, investors, bankers, equipment suppliers and purchasers, raw material suppliers, those who pay energy bills, law makers, and the whole state.

Investment attraction is an issue of critical importance for any country. Project energymap.lv will provide a possibility for potential investors to precisely define areas for renewable energy production, implementation of consumption-related projects, as well as to assess economical impact of each possible scenario.

Thus, the Project will allow reduction of administrative resource costs for the Ministries (e.g., The Ministry of Environment, the Ministry f Economy) that are related to providing information to the target audience, as well as to decrease costs for information acquisition on possible renewable energy project implementation areas for companies.

Today, 32% of total consumed energy is produced from renewable energy sources. According to the EU Directive 2009/28/EC this share is to be increased up to 40% until year 2020, otherwise additional renewable resources will have to be purchased from other countries and fine will have to be paid. Energymap.lv provides clarification of the meaning of, why renewable energy sources market has to be developed, and how the aim regarding consumption of renewable energy sources defined by the EU can be achieved.

“We have been going a long way to implementation of the project. Support of Soros Foundation provided a possibility to develop the project to a current level. Energymap.lv will be useful for each resident of Latvia starting with a person who pays energy bills up to a potential investor who is choosing an investment field. Moreover, the map will allow assessing the existing and future, which is of even greater importance, situation of energy market development” – explains Andris Junkurs, director of LISD.

Project “Energymap.lv – development of web site on use of renewable energy sources in Latvia” is financially supported by Soros Foundation – Latvia in the framework of sustainable development program. More information about Soros Foundation – Latvia support schemes is available online at http://www.sfl.lv.

Material published in Latvijas Reitingi on Seotember 6, 2010

Main Existing Projects of Renewable Energy in Latvia

This google map is used in order to see the geographic locations of most powerful renewable enrgy projects in Latvia. The most biggest amount of renewable resources energy in Latvia is produced by tree types – wind, hydro and thermo energy. Most of the biggest existing projects are located in the region of Kurzeme and capital – Riga, other two very powerful stations are located in Kegums and Aizkraukle. Note about used colours in map:
Wind power projects are coloured blue
Hydro power projects are coloured red
Thermal power projects are coloured green
In order to see the power capacity of each projects, please click on icons in map below.


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