Hydrogen energy

What is hydrogen?

The simplest way to define it is to say that is the most abundant chemical element in the universe, the lightest and containing the highest energy value.

But, how can it be transformed in source of renewable energy?

The process it`s a bit complicated to explain but, basically, is by combining hydrogen with oxigen that on the one hand, they produce water vapor and the other release energy that is converted into electricity.The Fuel cells are electrochemical systems that convert the energy resulting from the these chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen directly into electricity.

There are already some vehicles using this energy and the process is as follows:

Here’s an example of a public bus from Porto hydrogen powered:

So, the advantages of using hydrogen are…

  • Exists in large quantities;
  • High power energy;
  • Of its combustion results essentially water vapor;
  • Hydrogen isn`t toxic neither  corrosive, and if leaks during the transport would not cause an environmental disaster.

And the disadvantages?

  • Is combined with other elements (water, oil, etc.);
  • Most of the hydrogen produced today is from conventional energy sources and pollutants;
  • Must be stored at a temperature of about -250 º which makes this process complex and expensive.

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