Title of The audio: The Next Four Years For Renewable Energy
Description of The Audio: This audio material is discussion featuring a range of industry representatives sharing their thoughts on the upcoming issues for renewable energy in the U.S. In this audio material we’ll talk about what the next four years may bring, and how they may be influenced by the growing financial problems over the last year.Leaders from the solar, wind, geothermal, biofuel, hydro, utility and financial sectors came together at last week’s Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo to talk about financial hurdles, technological advancements and the need for cooperation among all players.
The next four years for renewable energy by viaenergetiki

Title of The Audio: Renewable Energy – Weapon of Mass Destruction
Description of The Audio: The renewable energy industry has suffered over the last year much worse than previously thought possible. But now the pieces are coming together to make clean energy the centerpiece of an economic recovery. That makes the moment perfect for bootstrapping entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses around the world to seize the opportunity when the financial markets get back to full health. In this audio material, we’ll look at what entrepreneurs should be doing now to prepare for the surge in renewable energy deployment in the coming years.
Weapon of mass destruction by viaenergetiki

Title of The Audio: Can Renewables really power Our Cities
Description of the Audio: Over the course of history, the city has evolved from an “agropolis” based on surrounding resources to a “petropolis” reliant on far-away food and fossil fuels. Now, with those environmentally-dangerous energy needs becoming harder to meet, can we make another transition to the “ecopolis?” In this audio material, we’ll look at the economic and logistical challenges in powering our cities with renewable energies. Some say it can be done – but only with a major re-evaluation of our current growth patterns.
Can renewables really power by viaenergetiki

Title of The Audio: Renewable Energ 2.0: The Value of Online Marketing
Description of The Audio: The internet is a ubiquitous part of our culture. In the last decade, we’ve gotten comfortable doing almost everything online, from trading stocks to sharing every detail of our personal lives. So why then are many renewable energy companies – some of the most technologically savvy companies in the world – uncomfortable with marketing on the web? Not all companies are created equal. Surely, there are a wide range of progressive renewable energy businesses engaging the online space. But branding online is about much more than simple ad campaigns: It’s about creating deeper interactions with your customers. In this audio material, we’ll look at a few different ways to create meaningful communication on the web relative to renewable energy.
Renewable energy 2.0-the value of online marketing by viaenergetiki

Title of The audio: How to Build a Business in Renewable Energy
Description of The Audio:Entrepreneurs around the world see our myriad environmental, social and economic issues related to energy not just as problems, but as opportunities. Indeed, the possibilities for developing businesses in the renewable energy industry are endless. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time figuring out where to approach this very competitive, capital-intensive space. In this audio material, we’ll have a roundtable discussion with a group of entrepreneurs and get some pointers on how to find a core idea, get funding, build a team and grow your business in the face of adversity.
How to Build a Business in Clean Energy by viaenergetiki


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