Check out our presentation about renewable energy.

Renewable energy ppt

Animation: Climate change, energy & action

IBM TV Commercials on Energy Efficiency/Green (Tree Huggers)

This is the IBM Stop Talking.Start Doing TV Commerical on being green/tree huggers spot

Open your eyes to renewables!

As plans for more nuclear energy in the Baltic countries march forward in spite of popular protest, Bankwatch coordinators urge you to get involved against the construction of the new Ignalina II nuclear power plant in Lithuania.

Energy security in Europe: Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Energy. ANU, May 09

The world faces monumental challenges of ensuring energy supply can meet ever growing needs, while urgently reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The current course we are on will see global energy demand rise 45% by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2008. The report also offers this sobering assessment: The world’s energy systems are at a crossroads. Current global trends in energy supply and consumption are patently unsustainable environmentally, economically, socially.

The EU’s indigenous energy supplies fall well short of demand, with over 54% of primary energy consumption currently being imported.

The European Union does not underestimate the scale of the task ahead. December 2008 saw the formal adoption of measures to put the EU on a path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, boost energy efficiency and increase the share of renewables in final energy consumption to 20% by 2020. The objectives also include increasing renewables in transport, to encourage the uptake of biofuels and electric vehicles.

In this public lecture, Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, discusses the EU response to its energy security concerns and the threat of climate change.

Commissioner Piebalgs became Energy Commissioner in November 2004 and previously headed the Cabinet of Latvian Commissioner. Before joining the Commission, he worked as a diplomat as the Ambassador of Latvia in Estonia. He has been the Ambassador of Latvia to the European Union and Undersecretary of State for EU affairs, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

This public lecture was presented by The Australian National University and Delegation of the European Commission to Australia.

Funny Ad Revealing the Truth of Energy Efficient Lighting has launched this viral ad campaign in order to help consumers be more aware of their “green” lighting purchases. Energy efficient lighting is about more than replacing your halogen and incandescent globes – we need to change the way we approach and utilize general lighting.

Solar kicks coal’s ass #2, Funny

Coal-fired power plants are killing our planet. It’s time to invest in solar, wind, and geothermal power.

The Mayfair Workshop – SOLAR POWER

Created by Arthur Jones
Composer – Mark Grenberg

The Video BP & Big Oil Don’t Want You to See

This is the controversial video BP and those involved in Big Oil don’t want you to see! But after watching it, it is far easier to understand why we hear so much negative about Wind Energy and other renewable sources.
We have heard about Oil companies donating to climate change sceptics already.
Unbelievably only recently Britain’s Daily Mail says that Britain is running out of energy and faces economical disasters because of its drive towards Green Energy. There is a massive force trying to shape public opinion. Watch the video and you will understand why they do it and who’s behind it!

Solar hydrogen home Michael Strizki

The First Solar/ Hydrogen House located in Hopewell New Jersey.

Solar Powered Car

Why aren’t we all driving on sunlight? Learn more at

We need to step back a bit and not demand that an electric car meet all of the advances that have been made in the past 100 years on gas-powered cars.

Tomorrow’s Transportation – Alternative Energy Cars

A quick look at some of the hot cars that are using alternative fuels to drive America’s new energy economy.

Alternative Energy Sources

Electricity from all kinds of renewable sources

XRGI is a new hight-tech small power station that delivers both electricity and heat from all sources of renewable energy including ethanol, biodisel, fuel cells etc.

Did you know that is Solar powered keyboards? No, then  watch this video!


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