Our Mission

Let’s imagine that energy is a huge ship in the ocean called World development, and we all are mariners on this ship. The metaphor tells that we hang on the energy to a great extent. We use it for everything we do, from baking cookies to sending astronauts into space. However the energy security is under the risk at the moment, as we are highly dependent on external supply of energy.

Therefore we, a group of students from Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (2nd year Political Science students Anna Zemblicka, Madars Biss and Lilita Langovska, 3rd year student Ieva Rinke and 2nd year Communication Science student from Portugal Vera Lopes Quintas integrated in ERASMUS exchange program) within the frameworks of the course “New media and politics” have launched interest advocacy campaign “Away with external supply! For renewable energy in Latvia and Portugal”.

We know that it is not easy to change things. Adapting renewables instead of the empire of fuels already established is a bold proposition, but a necessary one.  Still, we can not clap hands and make wind towers appear from nowhere: that’s why our mission is to inform, promote debate,  combat myths about the renewables and make not only the “heavy heights” in politics be aware of what future must be like,  but also people like us.

The students, the consumers, simple people who just don’t like the path that humanity is taking on becoming homeless – we are destroying our homes and everything it contains, including ourselves.

We, simple people, we can affect the decision making process. We, simple people, can make governments and big companies see that they have to stick to our needs. Do you have any doubts? Check the get involved section and see by yourself!


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