Planned wind power generators in Ainazi

“Public discussion about construction of wind park project is opened”, the agency LETA got to know in conversation with Ainazi City Council President Ainažu Ojars Zvejnieks.
He wish to install wind generators choosing by one of three companies – SIA “Wind Flow”, SIA “Zeus Energy, Ltd. or Wind Power”.On the issue of the generators – there are still many uncertainties, like the essential question of this – is whether the operators will get the required quota for the conception of Ainazi implementation. Consequently, the real start-up will be carried out measurements and calculations, which also need to invest more funds in the notes the City Council to make a single tower measurements, the time required for approximately EUR 100 000 or 70 000 lats. 

According to Zvejnieks,  public consultation over the government still has not received any written feedback on this idea.

Information materials on construction projects can be consulted, discussed and everyone can submit comments at Ainažu Hall Park Street 16, Ainazi.

Source: vidzemeszinas.lvLETA

“Latvian Energoceltnieks” do the technical project design of the wind farm  in Grobina

The project is carried out according to  SIA “Eko wind”.

“The energy is one of the cornerstones of the company and thus far have implemented major wind farm projects in Latvian. We are satisfied that the wind energy in Latvia does not stand still, because the significance of the Latvian green energy, like elsewhere in Europe, is growing. I believe that the future of green energy sector will become more acute, “said LEC Chairman Andris Asars-Asarovskis.

LEC already has experience in wind farm construction in the field, realizing the 33 wind turbines with a capacity of 0.6 megawatts assemblyGrobina’s parish of Liepaja District, in cooperation with the German company “Enercon.

The company constructing the wind power company with Ainazi “Tacke Windtechnik , which was then the farthest point north, where was installed wind power generators in Latvia.


Planned TEC in Liepaja

National energy system should be 10-15% more generating capacity and reserve with which could secure the power supply. Wind power station development fluctuations can be compensated by Daugava HES, but only temporarily for a few hours, and then only when there is sufficient water inflow. Safe supply of electricity-generating capacity needed to be able to work in basic mode, but experts indicate that the large fluctuations in wind farm development bookings require additional capacity,. It is emphasized that the Liepaja municipality should focus on government-driven Kurzemes electrostation (TEC) 400 MW project in Liepaja, the most acceptable place. However, a formal bid for the construction of the TEC is not specify a particular implementation of the project site – its  because the local government will have to fight for the opportunity to attract investment directly to Liepaja’s planned TEC.

source: Dienas Bizness

Large-scale projects planned in the Baltic Sea coast

One of the largest  wind farm project is planned about 50 km away from Liepaja – Priekule. Permit has received 18 firm with virtually the same name – SIA Wes 1 Wes 2 SIA, SIA Wes 3, etc.., Project is planned for a total of 23 wind turbines, each with 0.25 MW power capacity. Companies are registered in Riga, there are two authorized recipients – WEMCOM that is going to build a condensation channel, and SIA Kes3 of the EU funds of around 300 thousands of pounds are going to build a cogeneration plant for wood chips in Eveles parish of Valka District . And there is also something more – a little-known entrepreneur SIA Ventspils Energo Wind paid intention to Lithuanian border – Dunikas parish, which served the planning task 23 wind stations, each with 3 MW power capacity. Developers plans are very ambitious – a park is planned for 90 to 100 such generators, one of campaign’s member – Aigars Commissioner revealed to DB. Ambitious plans for funding will attract foreign investors, “said A. Commissioner. Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has authorized the Board of SIA Energo Wind power generation wind power. By contrast, John Sprinovska name registered SIA Rapsoil  for idea of a 20 wind turbines in Liepaja, which actively lobbied Mayor Uldis Sesks.

source: Dienas bizness

Main planned projects for renewable energy in Latvia till year 2020

It is clear, that Latvian energo companies planned to develop renewable energy sector in the furthiest futere! That’s a great news for Renewables! In the near future Latvia plans to develop renewable energy, in the sector of wind energy. It  clearly intended to use only in open Baltic sea’s  coast of Kurzeme. Projects are planned by  “Latvenergo” in order to be able to develop energy network lines, which are based on renewable energy. There are not planned to build any hydroelectrostations in Latvia for next 10 years. If you want to read more, please read this publication
Notes about colours used in the map:
Blue colour is used for planned wind energy objects
Green colour is used for planned thermo energy projects


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